Army: Edit

Army is all your creatures (including Chests, Soulstones, Shadows, Evo materials, Boosters, Fruits etc.) The amount of creatures in your army is limited. All your creatures over the limit disapear (remove) at 21:00 (GMT)

Fog army

Filters: Edit

Fog filter

Filter button allows you to filter your army by:

  • Race (filter shows only creatures including Hybrids)
  • Evo materials (including shadows, boosters and fruits)
  • Type (defenders, stout, ranged, attacker)
  • Elite/Nonelite (filter shows only creatures)
  • Sex (filter shows male, female creatures)
  • Grade (filter shows creatures, shadows, evo materials, boosters and fruits with grades I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII+)

Creatures' display order: Edit

Your army is sorted by following priority:

  • by use. First goes your chest, soulstones. Then your creatures and hybrids, shadows, boosters, evo materials and fruits.
  • by grade. First goes your highest grade creatures.
  • by creatures' name. Sorting order is unknown (not the alphabetical), but it's fixed. Within the grade first goes creatures, then hybrids. Shadows goes after boosters.
  • by level. First goes fully upgraded creatures, then partially and not upgraded.
  • by elite. First always goes elite creatures.

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