Monster ListEdit

Tier 1 Trapper Nettle Swine Thief Fencer Young Wolf Undead Peasant Wolf-Zombies Undead Swine Ghost Buzzing Wasp
Young Shooter Small Swarm Yellow Hornet Undead Archer Wild Mushroom Wild Amanita Luminous Mushroom Apprentice Desert Stranger
Tier 2 Vampire Church Acolyte Young Widow Scary Spider Tangle Spider Revived Plant Wild Flower Young Gorilla Forest Archer
Phantom Girl Young Cactus Orc The Rookie Sapling Dark Sapling Small Goblin Imp Dead Orc
Redhead Fed Pudge Bonescratcher Angel Horny Death Old Bombcrafter Ugly Raider
Tier 3 Amber Scorpion Autumn Plant Brisk Bug Brisk Scarab Cunning Thief Frostblade Rookie Gargoyle Ghost Warrior Ashigaru Damned Lady
Disciple Of Thunder Disciple Of Water Disciple Of Earth Disciple Of Fire Disciple Of Night Necromancer's Disciple Lion From Hell Hangyouku Postulant Scorpion Cub
Shaman Disciple Spring Plant Triton's Cub Dead Gorilla White Warrior Wind Ninja Fire Elemental Witch Disciple Wood Nymph Young Lion
Orcish Witch Young Prophetess The Restless Spirit Little Troll Enchantress Cheeping Ball Snowling Fiery Maiden Little Cookie Young Elf
Wastelander Budding Recruit Carrying Breeze Redborn Raven Transform Three-Headed Dog Northern Warrior Young Huntress Light Seeker Small Crab
Axe Thrower Oasis Defender East Sage Dead Novice Magic Sprout Orge Ghost
Tier 5 Warrior Of Dark Snake Warrior The Warrior Of Scorpio Green Dragon Storm Dragon Fire Dragon Winter Dragon Bone Dragonling Frozen Grampa
Grim Puppet Fireghost Young Jinn Shadow Walker Solar Nestling Winged Vixen Terror Auspicious Spirit Dark Vulture
Frostheart Petulant Pumpkin Little Helper Scrap-O-Tron Thrower Of Daggers Sharp Horned Cattle Animated Stone Thing From The Egg Dark Novice
Young Dreamer Unknown Warrior Grouchy Ghost Gold-O-Tron Centaur Academy Apprentice Adept Of The Order D
Warlords Richard The Lionheart Kergan The Sting Adar The Igneous Vlad The Dragon Graugt The Crusher Lady Alaniel The Sylvan Morgana The Raven Ororo The Tomer Of Nature Lilith The Ethernal Sinner
Academy Apprentice

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